ChristmasDay1642 was established in 1936 by Mr. Jan van Woerkom and based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Europe’s biggest port.

Mr. Jan van Woerkom ran operations and was at the helm of affairs until Mr. Fredric van Woerkom (2nd generation of van Woerkom) joined the business. In 1965, the business expanded beyond the port of Rotterdam and extended beyond Netherlands to other countries. New business locations opened up in USA, South America and Africa.

The 3rd generation of Woerkoms joined business in 1998 and 2000 and the business has continuously expanded operations and locations. An online store has now opened up in China and soon, the 4th generation of Van Woerkom will join in the building our heritage at ChristmasDay1642.

1936 – Industriële Onderneming was founded in Rotterdam in July 1936
1940 – War, but remained active on certain level
1950 – Introduction of the brand Hetties (a cough drop)
1960 – Start of trading French wines
1965 – 2nd generation joins the company
1980 – Opening office South America (Chili)
1984 – Name change to Rotterdamsche Producten Mij BV
1985 – Focus in new economies in Asia, mainly Japan and China.
1989 – Opening new office in Rotterdam
1990 – Opening Miami office
1993 – Purchase of the brand Plymouth Gin of Beefeater
1994 – Takeover Beautilink Duty Free Supply BV
1998 – 3rd generation joins the company
2000 – partly sale of Plymouth Gin to Vin & Spirit (owner of Absolut vodka and many more)
2006 – Participation in cigarette production in USA
2007 – Final sale of Plymouth Gin
2009 – Start of online sales in China
2011 – participation of Ruffians barbers and costmetics
2013 – name change of Beautilink DFS BV to FLEM Global Trading BV
2016 – Celebrating 80 years

As you can see, our business does not only covers trading. If we find good partners, we join, invest and build business together.